They Will Bury Us Side By Side: Calhoun Sessions

by Bedbound By Summer

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Recorded over Mar - Dec '16 on 8 track.

These are songs that either weren't finished in time for Calhoun Memorial, didn't fit in with it or just weren't good enough to be included.


released December 26, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Lodger
What's your name? I remember your breath and how you pinned me down by the neck. A telephone call. I'm at your house, is your family safe? Bow your head.

No one can hear you, and if they could they would't care anyway.

Do you know my name? How could you forget something that never happened? Black and white floors. Are the walls all red? In 25 years I'll see you again. Meanwhile...
Track Name: Muscle Memory
Do you ever grow tired of hanging on and think of bearing the freefall?
Did you ever even think about the state i'm in or think to make a call?
Abuse my muscle memory just to feel something
Descending on Sinner's Stool

You're not the same
(And I can vouch for you / And I'm growing tired of you)
I never knew your name
But honestly of anything that I can be sure of it's that you are to blame

Do you ever grow tired of waiting on your love to escape you?
You're wishing weeks away and wondering what if the doors closed for the last time
You just about forgive but never quite forget
I fare you well and you wish me dead
Track Name: Means To Mend IV
We've only 45 minutes left there with you hands around my neck and i'll be gone
Then you can sleep again
You speak a while of white coat syndrome but all I think about is your red book of psalms

It's been a long six months there in a cold that you truly never thought would end but now you've the means to mend
You speak a while of all the people and places you met and went while I stayed at home

Sigh the night away

The truth is trapped in supermarkets where I spend the best part of my day
I never thought i'd see you there, or again in truth, but I still think the same

I remember grey days and a frost that never seemed to end
Following a thousand suns and a means to mend
Track Name: Pretentious Address
Are you at your parent's house again? Are you contemplating swimming? Are you in those ripped jeans that you swear are still so comforting?

Did I ever tell you that I'm sleeping in clothes that my Grandfather died in?

So wear that Orange dress, and push me on/off the train tracks. Barks are getting lost to the wind, you're stifling a laugh can we walk back.

Have you been visiting my Mother on the weekend. She's started talking about you again. For months she swore that I shouted your name in my sleep. I hope she was just imagining things.

But every time my tyre deflates, I will think of you always.

Screaming down the phone every Saturday night. I woke the neighbours but that's alright. Calling you from the ceiling of a nine storey building.
Goodnight my love.
Track Name: Breeze
I haven't walked home in one shoe. I was raised to know better, to put one foot in front of the other. I haven't lost my keys. Obsessively checking my pockets before I leave.

I wish I had stories of lonely souls sharing Green Beers on the train ride home. In a town where nothing better comes close.

But I've fallen in love with women I've never known though I've never kissed a stranger more than once. For that I'll give thanks to my Mother; because we're all born with bad habits in us.

So which one of you lonely souls wants to talk until the sunlight shows. I'm not ready for going home, if that's alright.
Track Name: Who Will Take You Home
Trample young girls into the ground
A face in change, another body contained
"I won't give up his name until my dying day"
Freezing skin and heartless eyes
You're one phial away from the end

You're hopelessly homebound and around each corner lies another last chance to beguile
"I won't give up his name until my dying day"
In a letter your truth lies
Of which until death you'll never send

A broken cane
A violent encounter in the by-street where he lays

(Who will take you home)
Where I can never go
(Who will take you home)
Where i'm selling off my name

In bloodstained boots you wait for days to wake up changed
While the world holds out for you to derail
"I won't give up his name until my dying day"
Track Name: Christie
Let me be the moth scarred into your stomach, the book left under your pillow that you return to when you've got trouble finding sleep. Just abuse me. Pick me up and drop me as you please.

Stick pins in my arms. No cause for alarm. I'll do my best to keep a straight face. Happy Birthday.

Inhaling the mould from your ceiling. Witness you lose your feeling. Getting numb, and your scars only look worse when covered up. And your purple lipstick stains my favourite cup.

Make a wish
It won't come true
Blow a kiss
Under a full moon
Track Name: Swell
Familiar themes
Front two teeth
Turning thirteen

Bicycle drawing
Body whoring
I'm forever boring

Last words: Everything was well at 23

Familiar scenes
Front two teeth
Turning thirteen

Bicycle music
How to abuse it
I'm forever choosing

You last heard that everything was swell for me

3 years, Rivelin and thoughts that I just couldn't erase

Familiar dreams
Front two teeth
Turning thirteen

Those 3 years
The love we gave
In a yellow haze

You last heard that everything was set and everyone was there for you
Track Name: Sunfaded II
I walked the night, the sky was red. Slept in my clothes and then I left
I'll likely not return again, mail my important documents
I need to renew my passport to plant my feet on Dublin shores
Get overwhelmed//Stay overjoyed

My Mother took your photo from the wall
Now I just stare at the space, remain Sunfaded forevermore

You packaged up all my belongings
Left them by the door sun-rotting
The cat cried on all the boxes
It got to me more than I'm willing to admit

I still find fur in my clothes
Remember the view from the bedroom window
Please tell your daughter I'll always love her
Sorry that I couldn't do any better
Track Name: Years On, Years Out
I'll dumb this down and say it nice and slowly
While you're singing Sally's Song
Waiting, hoping on a call
Nothing more
I find it hard to believe that after years on, years out..

This is where you've landed
When everything you're given is taken for granted
With what is right and wrong?
Loveless and sorry for years on, years out

I'm taken by surprise when a thought soon arrives in you
A glimmer in your eyes
In a tight palm resides a note poorly written for me to tease you over
For years on, years out
And i've had my doubts about you

You've got to be sure because it won't be over for years on, years out