Phantom Pains

by Bedbound By Summer

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Self recorded on 8 track from 17th - 28th Sep '15.


released October 10, 2015

Kane - Drums, vocals, guitar, artwork
Liam - Drums, vocals, guitar, bass



all rights reserved
Track Name: Rest
Are you sitting comfortably?
Can you help me find a way to rest my tired knees, been bugging me for weeks and that’s okay
One of these nights I’ll just fall apart entirely

Starting to think positively while falling asleep in swimming pools, chasing you down the corridor from a hotel room back in Eastwood. Barely clothed, and if security footage was ever shown

The room always smells of smoke
I sleep with the windows open but still awake with dust in my lungs
The smell of chlorine permanently in my clothes

Consider this a letter that I never sent, however inconsiderate it seems
Track Name: Blood Ties
The lake, the hospital, the tree
Red, white, green
In three years where have I been?
The days slip by faster now than ever before and just how many more will I see?

In a car park conversation it's strange how friends and family change and blood ties chase you every time

"Davey combed the beaches and it killed him in the end"
The boy was lost
The man was young

Our last lament was meant to be a relief to us all but recall, how did that end
With your bridal haze and better days behind you now every whisper becomes a shout

In endless conversation it's strange how friends and family change and blood ties are erased of any trace in time
Track Name: Blue Room
I hate the way my hands shake
You’re 50 feet away
I’m still wearing the bracelet you made at least every other day
And I refuse to let my mother know what you put me through
Paint the walls blue in your room

But for now I’m still saying your name out loud
When there’s no one in the house
It’s the only way I know to make it better when you’re not around (FUCK)

Feeling ill at ease
Stopped by the Police on New Year’s Eve
I’m always haunted by trivial things
Lost clothes and wedding rings, cardigans, crematoriums
What happens when I grow old?
Accept I’ll die alone

Write your name on my skin
maybe just your initials
Track Name: Summer Hit '95
You said that I couldn't hate you even if I tried
But i'm not trying and I do
I'm not sure that I could face you even one more time
And if I did, well, that's just another headache for another time

The main difference between now and then is that you used to be somebody that I could bear

You said that I couldn't hate you even if I tried
But i'm not trying and I do
I'm not sure that I could face you for even one more night
And if I did, well, that's just another headache for another time
Track Name: Stain Me
As trivial as the tangles in my hair
Pulled out from the passenger seat before you leave
As trivial as the thoughts still in my head
Pull them out like a fever dream you won’t stop my head from aching

I can’t get your smell out of my clothes
Not that I’m complaining I just thought I’d let you know
I’m craving new scream and I’ve got a blanket in the back seat (in case I can’t make the drive home)

I’m calling off the search because I know just where you’re headed
And I burned all of the photographs and erased all the memories
And that shoebox isn’t buried anymore; get the dirt under your fingernails
I’ll just disappoint you more

As perfect as the steel between your teeth
Your smile leaves a lipstick stain in my brain for days

Meet me by the river’s edge
We can bury that box again
Track Name: Marian
You could shame me
It'd be so easy
I tried to warn you, i'm a poor confidant, I always have been
But I was never reckless and if I don't wreck this or make it out alive well, i'll be as surprised as finding you by my side

So take me home, Marian

You could blame me
It'd be so easy
I tried to call you
I was sick of hiding, I never thought I would be
But I was never helpless, I just never felt this sweet sense of relief that my nights could be slept through so easily

I was given the choice to choose between a changing season and an evergreen but I refuse to grieve those three years
Track Name: Coxbar
When you call my name
The hairs on the back of my neck stand up straight
Make my hands shake

Wrote you a letter for when you got home, left It in a pocket in your coat

Speaking metaphorically we are twin cities separated by burning bridges

I’m not running, just hiding.
Track Name: In This Heat
"In this heat i'm losing sleep"
"I'm feeling nauseous from the thought of waking again"
But i'm getting up and you're staying in
Some things never change

I'm thinking Rivelin
I'm thinking land slides
I'm thinking rainy days
And Electro-Shock Blues with you

I'm overthinking, you rust my strings
In doubt you're taking to your keys to complain again
I'm getting up and you're staying away
Some things never change

Days drag by but I can't shy away from the fact that wherever you lie, as sweet lamplight, you'll be fine
(But will I?)
Track Name: Walk In Wardrobe
Every few weeks I sleep on the sofa at my Mother’s house in Casper bedsheets
Because I’m keeping ghosts for company
I awake when everyone’s left and pace the floor space of my old bedroom just wondering

How’d I get any rest with the wind whistling through the air vent

I’ve took to wearing my Father’s old clothes, I look like I’m drowning in these old t-shirts but they keep the cold away from my bones
I guess it’s the only way I still feel close
I guess I’m trying man I still don’t know
If you loved me why did you let me go?

Do old rooms just become walk in wardrobes when we’re gone?
Track Name: Ache
Lately you're feeling lonely and you can't find anyone to care
Through frozen fingers on bitter mornings to days in 'til the Summers end
Restless days spent in thinking about how you are supposed to act for the friends that you love but you can't seem to grasp on the fact that they're not coming back

If I were you i'd forget the self-pity that you're so reliant on

Are you taking on more than you can take on?
Are you waiting on a right to all your wrongs?
Are you bleeding out your hopeless days in song?

Permanence is what I ached for but for now I think I understand that a pact of blood doesn't really amount to much more than just that;
An exchange to last but a second only to carry on the same as before because I can honestly say when I needed you there I never really saw much of you

Your photographs are blurred
You move too fast
I think i've got a thing or two to ask you about how you've been