Parlour Tricks

by Bedbound By Summer

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This album was recorded 15th Jan - 1st Feb without the use of computers.


released June 19, 2015

Kane Storr - drums & vocals.
Liam James Marsh - guitar, bass & vocals.



all rights reserved
Track Name: What Fucking Ian Guy?
You said you’d rather sleep with friends
I’d prefer the comfort of my own bed
With my head on a pillow resting
Not passed out in the kitchen

I’ll never go out on the weekends
That’s not what I do with my best friends
We’re all lonely guys drinking coffee and record collecting
All of my books look well-read
I built a time machine from a cassette deck
My room’s in a constant mess but that’s nothing compared to my head

And since the last time that we spoke it seems you’ve grown awfully cold
Starting fires in the back of churches to keep you warm until the morning

And I know long ago we were best friends but I don’t want to hear your opinion
There’s too much distance in the way you speak, my patience is growing thin
I’d rather stay at home reading chick lit than watch you act so awfully pretentious
It’s true I’ve got some guilty pleasures but I’ve learned to live with it

So here’s to one more Summer in the back seat of your car
And here’s to one more Winter spent in our tents down by the river
And here’s to the moment that we washed our hands of obligation
Our youth is fleeting
It’s not something you’re stealing
Track Name: June
I've never been so sure and unsure of what goes on
A lot of pipe dreams will grow
A lot of things that I still don't know
I find myself change and rearrange the order of the days
I'm trying to find an easy way
To bury the words i'd like to say

So take a step closer and latch onto me
Check the time, it's 21:13
Time to leave
Take another step closer and let me hear you breath
Check the time again it's 22:13
Time to leave
Please forgive me if I come across off

I've never been so sure and unsure of what goes wrong
How long until the times of June
I always wish they'd come round soon
Erasing places and faces of a phase not meant for me
How long upon the plain will I roam
When can I expect to have a home?

I take my time to stop and figure out where three years have gone
Sinking problems and the one that I miss
How did all I do amount to this?

I'll forgive your endless lies
Track Name: Hymns
I romanticise the turn of Autumn
I dust the pictures on the shelf
Take a slow walk through the cemetery and think about death
It’s probably just lack of sleep but it’s getting hard to breathe
Standing seems like an effort so I’m heading back to bed for an hour or two of peace

I stole you a crucifix on a Summer night
So your child wasn’t born under a bad sign

I spend my evenings in the woods in a skeleton mask
Scaring the shit out of neighbourhood kids from my past
I guess it would be more rational to talk things out
But I’d stumble over my words again and they’d just continue to laugh

If I had the chance to be left with no regrets
I’m pretty sure that I’d have very little left
Track Name: Scalenes
I'm seeing scalenes and belts in skies and i'm trying to hide the fact that I miss these same old walks I used to take every night
By the bench where two friends used to sit before they got serious and now they live together in a city accessible by water
A couple kindly turn to single file, they let me pass and wish me well as if i'm alone this season and they don't know that it's never been less the case though I play along without reason

I mistake a silhouette of two horses for a car and am pleased by the result
And think about how I may once have been paid off by relatives to leave them be when I only wanted to say hello
They're getting older now

I was there but then running
You tell me how you're done

And i'm trying to make you realise that it's not always easy
In fact it's frustrating and I need to be taking my time with it all so that we both don't fall down
But when i'm met with a grunt and a frown i'm astounded by the fact that you can only see your way and that nothing can ever be changed

I've been looking too far into things that should never concern me and i'm wondering how it's only been three whole years since we piled into that tiny car devoid of all things unimportant and spent our nights in woodlands and on cliff sides
We've all separated since those days and in so many ways
I miss you all one by one
Track Name: Brick By Brick
You know lately I’m having trouble finding sleep
I just stay up at night watching bad TV with my records on repeat
I keep thinking of the mountains that I climbed as a kid
But I retired from the great outdoors when the British winter hit

I’ve never been a man of many words
I have trouble controlling my stutter and it’s only getting worse
So I have these paintings on my arm as a mark of permanence
For a picture says a thousand words so at least for now I’m set

We’ll find our way back home
Another night of fighting off the cold

There’s skeletons hidden under my bed
They moved out of the wardrobe long ago for a new place to rest their head
And it’s nice sometimes to feel I have company because most of the time I’m just so terribly lonely

From the first time I heard your voice in the halls of this house
I wanted to pull the walls down brick by brick just to let the silence out
Track Name: Of Islands
I have a hard time pretending that I care
About the people I once knew as friends
And I could never care about a reaquainted love affair
Without a good enough reason to let it go
A fair shrug of your shoulder and a lump in my throat
In all, nothing but a put-on revelry
I tried to lie to myself this one time in talk
And things only went badly wrong
Like everything i've ever done before

Never once before have I so much dared
To walk away from all that I ever left
The problem is the secrecy
The times you left when I was in despair
Without a good enough reason to let me know
A fair shrug of your shoulder and a lump in my throat
In all, nothing but a failed sight to see
I tried to lie to myself this one time in talk
And things only went badly wrong
Like everything i've ever done before

When trouble comes through i'll be waiting for you
When things don't go your way i'll make sure that they do
Take everything but please just return
Track Name: If The Arrowmen Tire
I’ve been told I have my Grandfather’s eyes
And I carry that fact with pride
I wonder if he’d be proud if he was still alive
I wanted to sleep through August ’99

I wish that we could speak even if it was just once a week
I could tell you my love for Kerouac and Morrissey
I wish that we could speak
Even if you don’t want to speak to me
You know I’d be happy just to have you listening

I was given a cardigan, that was once yours, and I wear it in winter to keep me warm
It holds your scent and I hope you know I miss you like hell

I keep a photo of you in a frame from your wedding day
And I carry you in my skin, in a heart draped in ribbon
Track Name: Three Year Fever
This town is in meltdown today
The water is rising and i've not decided what to do anyway

Honestly, I had the best intentions
I didn't mean to mention a failing sense of ageing
As I splutter my words onto your best dress
I lie whenever I say that I couldn't care less
Unforgiven again, a call from a friend of five years ago would really suit me well
We left it there in a cold November after the whole Summer that we shared
I lie whenever I think that I couldnt care less

I guess it's true I never made any real effort with you

I guess the day to day with you was quite good but many more would come after you'd walk away
I wouldn't do it again but I would meet you in the red archway behind the old familiar fane
And then question myself as to why I even came
Undivided again, a means to an end of sleepless nights and the barely there bed frames
As we pack ourselves away again it is apparent to me that nothing for long stays the same
But I never question myself as to why I ever came

I know that time and tide won't wait for me
So until death does me half I'll be waiting on a three year fever
An infatuation takes over me
But i'm still sat waiting just to see myself reliving the three year fever

This town was in meltdown today
The water's subsided and i've not decided what to do today
Track Name: Heading West
When we finally find a home
We’ll scratch our initials on the tree outside
We’re always heading west for those Midwestern Minutes
We can have conversation on the rooftops of every broken city before we tire of each other

I never will forget watching you play Monopoly on your favourite park bench in the turn of autumn

I leave every stone unturned
The soil in my fingernails still haunts me
Reminds me of drowning in the quarry
So I take a deep breath and remind myself to always make a great big mess
I’ll start a forest fire from a single willow tree

And if I swear to build a house
Will you swear to never leave
If I’m screaming from the rooftops
Will you be listening
Track Name: Late Night Ghosts
I'm the broken architect and that's not what I meant when I said what I said
But you weren't aware
I wish i'd never left the city understood my every single breath
But you weren't aware
I think I need to rest, a broken wall in a nest to let all in that there is left

I'm wasting time in clocking in
Take all that's mine and don't let me in

Notes and arrow on lamposts and dishonest late night ghosts
Is this really what you want?

Sing loud and let it take effect
Forget everything that I ever left
Then ask me to swear
Index and middle trap in effect to prove that I meant when I said what I said
But couldn't care less

I'm wasting time in running in
Crown me with a halo and call it sin

The sirens are halved at home than in the city
A seething reminder that I need to leave
Five months gone, it was good but not the same
A place I hope that I will see again
New light arrives and pathes remaining days
The cemetery screams to me in unstitched seams
Quayside leaves and swimming birds in streams
A creeping sense that I will never leave here