Our Lives To Ruin

by Bedbound By Summer

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Recorded sporadically April - June '17 on 8 track and reel to reel.


released June 15, 2017

Kane - Vocals, guitars & drums.
Liam - Vocals, guitars & bass.



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Track Name: Where We'd Call Home
We'd been speaking and you said that this Summer that I should learn to drive
A week later you say "take the therapy and pills and you'll be alright"

I tried to swallow my pride
But I've got a lump in my throat
I'm so damn so sure that I've not felt this fucking bad in months, weeks, days
And you're just trying to say
Let's not meet again / When will we meet again / Please can we meet again

Sucking up fears, pursuing bad ideas
I was up for two days and you still turned me away

My Summer's for love and i'm living alone
Wherever we slept was where we'd call home
It never seemed to matter how hard you'd try
I could never feel close to alright
Track Name: Dimples
I bought you a watch with a digital face
I know you struggle with analogue
I guess to you it means a lot that I remembered that
The Polaroids of you in the bath
The sound you make before you laugh
Painting your nails black
Early in the morning before you go back

Standing on a corner on the wrong side of town
With your shirt tucked in your jeans is how I'll remember you now

We went to the city to pack up your things
It rained as we walked through the graveyard
Took your first time after we towelled off
Do you remember that?
232 or 323, never remember the order those numbers fit
But I'll always recall the jewellery you were wearing

It's the way your dimples show when you smile
And the way that your hand fits inside mine
Please stay the night
Track Name: Cutting Ties
I stopped counting steps the last day that we spoke
I stopped learning a language and rode my bike until it broke
Such similarities in me and a machine
Will you miss where we went and who we'd been?

Woe for woe, self pity and growth
Where do we go from here?

I'm bored of waiting on a spark or a reply
I know that if I don't hear from you tonight
Then I'll probably sleep just fine
Such similarities in you and who I've been
Will you miss who we were?
Will you miss where we'd seen?
Will you miss where we'd been?

Where do we go from here?
Woe for woe, self pity and growth
For months we would limp on together
Until you cut me off alone

Let's just forget this
Track Name: Posture
Keep hands clasped
Red wax
It hangs from your hips

Just like it used to feel when you were hanging from lampposts in the early April sun
You always said that you were fine and I guess

Holding hands between the handbrake
You were fine exchanging glances for a week before decline
You always said that you were fine and I guess

Keep your back in correct posture
Remove your wallet from your pocket
Track Name: Consolation Prize
I watched you as you learned to dance
You watched me learn sign language
I watched you care a little less
You watched as I left

And now that watch don't tick anymore since I threw it against the wall

A consolation prize for every empty weekend night
I'll swim backwards for the rest (of my life)
Track Name: Enemy
I want to be your enemy
I want to claw into your repressed memory
Open up your third eye to me
Tell me everything

And when I feel your skin on mine
I think of better times
Only for a moment until I realise
That it was all just space and time

Will you thaw me out?
I've been cold so long
That the heat just burns
You can't give me comfort in this world
I've been living between your words
I want to be your enemy

I want to be your bedpost
I want to be your support system
I want to be the one who listens
I want to be the one to spill your secrets

At a moments notice
The crack soon breaks the glass
You're left with bandages
I hope that you can live with that
Track Name: Crash Landing
When you love more than you are loved, love is not enough
When you're awoken by morning song of pneumatic drills and sirens

Call me Emily, call me a crash landing
Call me Emily, let me crawl on my hands and knees

When you kiss in the morning, but turn your back when you go to sleep
I'm so sick of staring at statues with missing limbs

Because I'm okay with feeling like I'm falling apart
Track Name: 19/26
When I think of the right words
I'll cough them up and spew them out
Gather up the fears from 26 years
Of all that I can't live without

I think of ghosts so lost and crossing paths
Obsessed with firsts but settle for lasts
We had our routines, days, nights, laughs
Familiar arms where troubles cast

I'm fine now but it's in the post
I know that's when I'll need you most
It's like it can see when you're not here
Just tell me that I'm a fucking joke

When you think of the right words
Cough them up and spit them out
Gather up the fears from 19 years
Of being told what you will live without
Track Name: New Forest Floor
I fall asleep on the forest floor
Because when I awake I forget your face
Spend summer days
Down by the lake
The White Hot Moon remembers you

I want to burn down your home
I want to watch you hold smoke

I see your face in the pavement of the cities, that we said that we would never visit.
I hear your voice on a backwards tape recording, Lynch the feeling
Why am I talking like you're even listening?

My heart it ain't what it used to be
I've grown colder in a letter that I received when I should've been asleep...
Track Name: How Could You Say You'd Never Leave Me
Tasting lino for the evening
Stomach turning, I'm heaving
Years in black bags
Stripping photo albums bare
Take care of tight binds
Scared of what I might find
And how I'll react
From when a once honest promise
Became another broken pact

"How could you say you'd never leave me, while walking away?"

It's true, we changed
But all that I can seem to do is blame you
Even though it's all in vain