Great Northern: 315

by Bedbound By Summer

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Bradley Shemmell
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Bradley Shemmell This is pretty much all I've been listening to lately. Such a great debut and very excited for the follow up! The best most talented dudes, come play a show in London! Favorite track: Schadenfreude.
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No computers were used in the making of this album. Recording took place from June - August 2014. Thank you for your time and attention.

Limited cassettes available at: http://differentkitchen(DOT)bigcartel(DOT)com/product/dkr010-bedbound-by-summer-great-northern-315-everything-is-salvageable-tape-38


released October 10, 2014

Liam James Marsh: Everything
Kane Storr: Everything Else



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Track Name: Summer Hit '94
We’re sitting on your floor
In the spot where your Grandmother was born
There’s a lot of History in these four walls
I smile at the smell of Autumn
Take one last breath of your home
Pack the last of your belongings and stand silent for a moment

I was always told home is where the heart is
So what happens when all you feel is homesick?

I met you at the crematorium
You buried your friend the veteran
We all whisper ‘I’m sorry for your loss’
I guess nowadays you hear that a lot

The way you talk to your old friends
Find out you have nothing in common
Waiting for a turn to talk
Waiting for the words to come
Track Name: Pre Set Concrete
Seeing this path again and where i wrote my intials in the pre set concrete ten plus years ago
I remember cracking dry poppies for the seeds and green way younger than i should've been

Neighbours passed on
I wish i could undo my wrongs

If i recollect everything i ever knew
I'm sure i'd find something better to do
If i recollect everyone i ever knew
Would my past feel like something new

You feel a little distant we used to agree on everything
Now i'm not sure we see eye to eye anymore
What's more you refuse to believe that the girl you fell so hard for did you wrong

Now i've moved on
I wish you would undo your wrongs

Seeing this path again and where I wrote my intials in the pre set concrete ten plus years ago
Track Name: Dirty Bones
Take off your shoes and step outside
Feel the dirt slide

Does it make you feel human again?
Or have the drugs taken that from you as well?

You were somebody’s son
I guess they loved you very much
But you’ve been away from home for far too long // so damn long
Rest your dirty bones in a sleep you’ll never earn

You sold your shirt for one last night
Before they hung you out to dry

Does it make you feel wholesome again?
It’s strange how the night makes us all think

These are the burials
I’m not one to believe in love
Track Name: Schadenfreude
You recall love notes and etchings on smoldered pieces of paper from where your parents house burnt down
A winter you'd best forget as he left you there in the cold air without a second thought or care

But you thought he wouldn't mind when you crashed his car in the rain for the first time

You are full of anxious regrets and all you never meant anyone to hear outside of your own head
But in turn and time you decide you can't keep the lies in a place that you can hide

But you thought he wouldn't mind when you crashed his car in the rain for the second time
But you thought he wouldn't mind when you couldn't keep your spine under the right eyes

And I never really wanted the best for you
(You've been laughing your last laugh for three years now and who is to blame, who is to blame?)
Track Name: Forecasting/Broadcasting
Well I’m writing books in Russian slang
Just to write down words people can’t understand
We’re all searching for a deeper meaning in fiction
Putting the finishing touches to the forecast for next July
Because I crave the sunshine and the long drives

So lead your children down to the river
And in the water we’ll have a parade
If I was set free from the aviary
How far would I fly from the cage?

Well my father used to sleep in coffins
I’m waking up in cars
He used to have nightmares about train tracks
On the 7:18 East I’m building romance from bad dreams
My mother used to tell me
‘Boy, you’re growing up far too fast, don’t concern yourself with love and hate these summers they just won’t last’
Track Name: Celibate Tongues
Heavy sipped and dipped alone in her dark
Somehow loftly heartened makes its mark
A severed stitch in an unenviable win
Right on track in a fruitless whim
Separate the heart from limb
Hummingbird do softly sing upon your chest apart from trees
Or me

So long such young celibate tongues
Forgiven by all that you have shunned
Return all you haven't won
And deny all that you have done
Left with nothing but burning bodies
In abandoned crematorium lobbies
Rearrange your furniture to break routine and pass your time
Or mine
Track Name: Repave
Let’s go back to the house
And pick up your belongings
I know that you really miss the dogs
And the ducks on the evening walks
I know you’re scared
But drinking won’t make it any better
They say you’ve got a year to live
But we’ve come home from worse than this

You took the cat from the fence panel
Though it died there long ago
You kept the house safe
Safe against the floods

We hadn’t spoken for months
I’m sorry we lost contact
I saw you on the TV once
And I tried to call you up to let you know
We could repave anything once broken
To let you know I was sorry for what went wrong

When we get that bracket back
We’ll burn it to the ground
Stand on the remains of the house on the other side of town
We’ll get that bracket back
I swear we’ll burn it to the ground
Stand on the remains from the other side of town
Track Name: Crossing This Town
There were things that I never considered as problems but i'm still tearing my skin away from my body and wherever it lies is just another place for me to be

I'm crossing this town and i'm taking every short cut that i can
Albion Terrace is silent as always and the thought of cars crashing into these walls keeps me awake

There are things that i always considered as problems but i'm still clenching my teeth
If they fell apart i'd spit them out as just another place for me to be

I'm waking up early and a routine has fallen in ways that I wish it wouldn't
These streets are winding and the thought of stripping them away is keeping me awake

Now the early hour thoughts will be gone by morning
I'll savour this daylight while i'm still awake
Because the seasons will shift and we'll be welcoming
The ever straining familiarity of change

An unpleasant example of your status that's awakening a light behind your eyes thought lost
So many wicker baskets winding and your parents are here trying to grieve their loss in you
Track Name: Sunsetting
I know why your blinds are down
As I’m sat outside your house
Saying your name out loud
I’m the reason you shut your eyes
‘Til you’ve turned on all the lights
I’m the reason you shut your eyes
You’re the reason that I close mine

Out loud I’ll wonder why and how
The Sun always sets inside your mouth

I love the way you bend your knees
As you pray to the sea
You’re holding fast but your grip is fading

I wrote you a goodbye letter
In the grooves of your favourite records
In each line there is a message
I fell in love with your worst intentions

Let’s give it nothing but a month of all the deep cuts
Track Name: Where The City Is
Pressing for a beetle passing through
Touch under my pillow and feel it move
Although it shouldn't have to be said
I wish there weren't insects in my bed
Allow myself the time I need to sleep
A motionless heap, if only untouched

I wake myself distracted and scratching at my matress
In hopes that the ants that I find will leave me alive

What was wrong in me?
Why can I never meet you in my sleep?
Wake me and tell me it isn't so

You tire over such trivial things
Let's just see what the morning brings
Do you sigh when I sigh?
You see, I've got my karma tied down in the blind
But I put it to a stop in a call yesterday
So how now can I prove that i'm to stay?

I just wake myself still fractured
And catching on the fact that something unmemorable is still on my side

What is wrong with me?
Why won't you ever meet me in my sleep?
Wake me and tell me it isn't so

Now I don't know where the city is and maybe i'd give you for it
Now I don't know where the city is and maybe i'd give you for it
Now I don't know where the city is and maybe i'd give you for it
Now I don't know where the city is and maybe i'd give you for it