Everything Is Salvageable EP

by Bedbound By Summer

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Recorded sporadically between 21st - 25th November. No computers were used in the making of this record.

Limited cassettes available at:


released April 20, 2015

Kane - Drums, guitars, vocals
Liam - Drums, guitars, vocals, everything else

Artwork by Richard Heaven



all rights reserved
Track Name: Fatiguing Vividness
With my head out the third floor window I contemplate the jump
I swear sometimes it's not enough for me
Sometimes I swear it's not enough
I look back across the room
And I cast out your cigarette butts
I empty the ashtray, pick up your prescription and head right back to work

And if that's all I have to offer
Then I guess that's all i've got
I'm only here to dissapoint you
You've told me that enough

Stepping out from the ledge and onto the blacony
You're still revelling in the night skies
Stuck in the days between
You're looking through your purse again
You're looking for your wedding ring
The tan line where it once sat is now fading

You speak a lot of forgiveness
You talk a lot about god
You're struggling under the weight of all the wrong that you've done
Track Name: To Put All Heaven In A Rage
You don't have the hands of a cop anymore
They've lost their texture and their sense of adventure
You say you're happy as a lonely boat builder
With only these scars as reminders

So i'll burn your house down
While your children are sleeping
And i'll hold back a smile
As they're pulled from the wreckage

I waited for you on the dock of the bay
And I waited for you in the Parisian rain
But you never came
Now it rains here every day