Calhoun Memorial

by Bedbound By Summer

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Recorded over Mar - Aug '16 on 8 track.


released October 10, 2016

Liam James Marsh: Everything
Kane Storr: Everything Else



all rights reserved
Track Name: Sunday Morning Floors
I don't want to peel my face off of Sunday morning floors
Nor sit head in hands deathly bored
I'm always searching in between myself now and who i've been
For that idealistic place, time, thought-process best for me

Your day to day dumbs you down
Your tired head numbs you out into the same old haze

You've said it all before that you'll never come around
But you'll always come around

You're haunted by the same old things
Bottled up penance and bribery
Living through the soon-former unrelenting dream
Of yellow stains in place of veins
Your skin recedes and falls away
Lying paralysed, bed bound to the sound of giving up your name
Track Name: Less Mess More Weekend
All I ever wanted to do was write the soundtrack to your bike ride
Now I'll be you and you be me
Don't be alarmed I'm talking to 10 Speed
About how to better write you down (better to write you out)

So will you be Maria for me
Spin silently
I'll wind you up again and release

Do you find old keys in pockets?
Did you ever wash those jeans?
Do you miss me beneath me your window?
Are you still breaking promises?

Promise me everything
From a backseat
From a passenger seat.
Track Name: Sunfaded
I walked the night, the sky was red. Slept in my clothes and then I left
I'll likely not return again, mail my important documents
I need to renew my passport to plant my feet on Dublin shores
Get overwhelmed//Stay overjoyed

My Mother took your photo from the wall
Now I just stare at the space, remain Sunfaded forevermore

You packaged up all my belongings
Left them by the door sun-rotting
The cat cried on all the boxes
It got to me more than I'm willing to admit

I still find fur in my clothes
Remember the view from the bedroom window
Please tell your daughter I'll always love her
Sorry that I couldn't do any better
Track Name: Drum Hit Song
A box of ashes on the corner table top
Your glasses, a clock and a pocketwatch
Two glass dragonflies sit aside, wings astride
A friendship sinks, a bracelet breaks
And in good time a bead of sweat streams down your face through a lie

Love is great and all but god i miss the loneliness of rainy streets and the pig parade
Clear these lanes today with tambourines and in one more drum hit i'll be gone

Facing days in vain I once did tire of sleeping helpless, empty-handed of love you gave
Whisper my name again, take my head and in one more drum hit we'll be gone
(I told you i'd never be found out and I proved you wrong somehow)

But you never did notice the same old post script
Now you're running rings around me
Track Name: Elevator Conversations
Awkward elevator conversations at least I tried
That's more than I can say for you
I'm tired of thoughtless people with nothing to say on anything, to anyone
For now i'll just make sure that I take the stairs
It's longer, that is true
But it'll put an end to wasting words on the likes of you

Given the chance to change one thing i'd have erased you from the start
I'd take my time
Move to brighter city streets lights
And that way then you might have kept your distance and lefts what's mine to me
So that I can be alone as I surely deserve to be

I've been tempting fate as if it's something that I believe in at all
I tell myself "it's okay, you're doing fine"
As if I don't fuck this up every time
I prepare for the handshakes and kindly words
Knowing full well that you have heard it all a 1000 times
But hey, could 1001 really hurt?

Your day to day dumbs you down
Your tired head numbs you out
And that's as you deserve to be
Track Name: Grass / Rattle
In 3 months when the house is boarded up and the kids are taken from, will you say this was enough?
In 3 months, when all that you have got is some track marks covered up, will you say this was enough?

Twin kisses
Car collisions
Near misses
Abandoned Bridges

Did you know that your daughter has your smile? The same you've had since you were a child. Teeth spilling out the sides, but now it's:
You're cold in all weathers//Losing weight forever. Watch your intercostal recession

Lie awake
In your own piss for days
Rattle and shake
Track Name: Cool BMX, Bro
Do you remember the times you'd ride your bike through villages and turnpikes to see me at night?
And I'd write your name in permanent marker on every lamp post in this fucking postcode

So take me home
With you I've got nowhere else to go
Breathing slow
TV on with the volume down low

Recently it's the days sitting by the lake
The summer makes your skin change
Me, I just go from white to red to pale

You told me of a place where beach and woodland embrace
It would be nice to visit one day.
Track Name: Panels
Wooden panels missing from the stone spiral tower
A four foot bin for ribbons and flowers, what a way to praise the dead
Loved ones passed with wreath bonfires and fine pine pyres
Beloved friends, thieves and liars

Things will never be this way again
They'll never be the same again
And my body aches like sweeter mistakes
I lie and say that I've been up all night when really I slept fine

When will I find myself on Loe Bar shores
Penrose walks and families floors
You're saying that time is money
But money means miles
Miles means distance
Distance is fine by me

When I wake up could I take a minute and watch you sleeping so sweetly beside me, so unlike me

(consider this a change, a turning point I won't be vague or vacant, dismissive, I swear to only miss you if the terms I choose fall through)

Are you tired of me?
Because i'm tired of me
Track Name: Celebrate
When I'm older, if my teeth are still crooked
I'll pull them out one by one and check back to see if you're still complaining
About the little things
About the insignificant
About how growing your hair out
Never made a difference

You're ugly on the inside

Do you feel seasick
First thing every morning
Are you trying to convince yourself that everything is normal

The cage is ratting
The tigers breaking free
The water is rising
There's holes in the ceiling

With your palms//arms outstretched
And your eyes closed
Track Name: Former Friends
I'll take an hour again (again) to clear my eyes and mind of burning effigies in the form of you
Illegal stances living loveless and above the law
Try questioning the things you do and what you do them for
Avoiding letters, former friends and trying to make sense of pictures drawn of me and i'm not sure about how I feel towards the lack of hands
I remind (you)
You draw them in as if it never even happened

Trailing a smog of cigarette smoke
(I think i'll be walking alone)
You whisper a shortcut that we could take
(But I'll be taking the long way home)
Your new obsession won't last for long
(A haze of ephemeral days)
I'm not worth your time or thought at all

Forgive myself now for the clumsiness that now surrounds my every day with every step you're risking face to ground
We'll get a chair, tie you up and belt you to it now
Enjoy the view stationary, the sun sets around you
I'm packing up and setting off and you'll continue to keep drawing pictures
Until i'm back I won't know how to feel towards the lack of hands
I remind you
Draw them in as if i never even happened

I tell myself that by the end of the year things will change
By the end of the year nothing's changed
Every fucking thing is exactly the same