BBS / YISC Split

by Bedbound By Summer

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These songs were self-recorded 7th - 18th March on 8 track as part of a split release with You In Scalic Cemetary.

Physical copies available at wolftowndiy(DOT)limitedrun(DOT)com


released June 26, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Trick Cabinet
I'm a botanist, I'm a shut in
And I've got your diary for my safekeeping
You've got a meals on wheels scheme
Can you help me please..
I can't go outside and I'm starving

Bury me in the smell of orchids
I'll bury myself if you let me
String me up on twine
Decorate me with fairy lights

Tell me all your secrets
Who else would I tell them to?
Make your advances
With your hands around my throat in the corner of an empty room

Place me by your bedside
Use me however you would like
Place me by your graveside
To say a final goodbye
Track Name: Being Awake
Being awake is just another inconvenience today because really i'd rather be away
But through bi-nightly moods I can somehow say that I still think of you the same

And with everything I have to offer
How can I really blame one more tired-eyed ultimatum on the fact that i'm really the same as you
Because you'll deny it until you're blue

Some days it doesn't seem to matter what i'd say
Or how I look at you because it's always going to be the wrong way
I'm fucked when it's "everything's great, everything's fine"
Because I know with a spit and a sigh, tonight you'll have me vilified
Track Name: Squeeze
Long time no see
I see you've got less appealing
Your smile now wrinkles at the sides
And we'll drink at this bar until they run out of bottled water
Then awkwardly exchange our goodbyes

I'd be lying through my teeth if I told you that I was missing your company
I'd much rather be on my own watching X-Files with the curtains closed
I'll never get sick of driving alone

I heard you're having a bad time
I hope you heard that I don't mind
So let's have one last drink, raise a glass to 'no hard feelings'
It's futile, It's a lie, but with the best intentions, try to see the good side
Track Name: In Frame: Aug '97
Although we don't talk much about love, I got '23' engraved on the back of a clock for you
We always spoke about matching tattoos
It's a shame that my Mother will never approve

I'll cut your hair when you get down
You took my ponytail and framed it
I guess it's back in your old bedroom now
Does it creep her out?

Every Summer the longest of walks, through abandoned buildings and down by the docks with you
How could we ever laugh about something so cruel
It's nice sometimes to share a fucked sense of humour
Track Name: Buzzcut
Your father's arms carved into your shoulders and a mother in youth who couldn't hold you
The poster boys for lifeless upbringing and soon you'll be singing too
Were you raised as overly possessive or is it something you learnt to do
How's life in your brother's shadow
Such a shame that you never grew out of it

You live and love for your own sadness in hopes that you'll become more than the unease-inducing eyes
Ever-watchful and ready to tell you why you'll never become anything

Your haircut short and sweet
Your military stance prepared for the great escape
From single celled days in an annex to acres of body aches
Worried sick of patience running thin
Perhaps you were never meant to make away from life in your father's shadow
Such a shame that you never made it out of it

I've been seeing you around for 10 years now and never thought you'd be going away