Around Here, The Days Get Longer

by Bedbound By Summer

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Recorded on 8 track over a week in March 2017.


released March 23, 2017



all rights reserved
Track Name: On The Rise
I find myself, again, thinking of packing up and leaving
From a year spent sleeping alone and in decline
The dead end streets defeat me
And the same old walks, believe me
Are enough to know that I'm not always doing fine

So when the Sunday evening station calls
Know that i'll be there with a single bag
I know that that is all i'll need
And understand that when your days are on the rise
That i'll still be there waiting when you fall

I tell myself, again, "listen, you must be sick and tired of feeling that nothing that you do is worth the time"
I'm still avoiding people that i've known for years
And deeper goes the notion that that's a love that isn't worth the climb
Track Name: Loose Light Fitting Pt. 2
On a Sunday morning kiss the back of your neck
As early light floods in
My clothes are folded on the floor in a pile next to yours

On a Sunday morning kiss the back of your neck
Coffee in bed
Slow dancing in your room, just like heaven with you

Let your contacts dry out in sleep
Lay with me

On a Sunday morning kiss the back of your neck
We overslept again
Bedbound for the afternoon

And your make-up reflects all the hours spent
By your white, 8-drawer cabinet
With me laid on your bed